Javier Starks is a D.C. rapper, records profanity-free rap records and performed at a concert series at the Lincoln Memorial called “Music at the Monument”, according to WTOP.

On top of all of that, he also managed to break a world record for riding a OneWheel device.

Starks said in a statement to WTOP, “This magical device is called a OneWheel. It looks like a skateboard with one gigantic, go-kart-sized wheel on it. It’s self-balancing and electric, so when the motor is engaged, it balances itself. You control it moving forwards or backward by tilting it.”

Future Motion CEO Kyle Doerksen was the person that designed the OneWheel. Starks was first introduced to the device by his friend Frederico Garay, who works at Future Motion.

“When he showed up, he was just riding the thing and looked like he was floating,” Starks said of his friend Garay.

Starks tried the device that his friend had and he was instantly hooked.

“I have done campaigns with Capital Bikeshare and different companies in the area around transportation,” Starks said. “I had been looking for a solution for getting to work without arriving sweaty or relying on the availability of something. … When Cherry Blossoms are happening, bikes are hard to come by, buses get delayed. … It’s been a godsend through the pandemic.”

He’s broken the world record by riding 25,974 miles and counting, shattering the previous record by more than 10,000 miles. In total, he’s ridden enough to have lapped the planet Earth.

He is also planning to film a documentary about his life and going from start to finish while traveling across the country and hopes to work on the project sometime in June.



Richard Schertzer

Richard Schertzer


Richard is a Howard University grad student and is working as a content writer and filmmaker with the dream to make films in Hollywood.