Lily Lurid Interview

Richard Schertzer
2 min readSep 26, 2023


Lily Lurid is a filmmaker, model and activist who has been working on a project called “Broken” on her facebook page to raise awareness for domestic violence.

Richard: So, where are you from and where did you grow up?

Lily: I am from Tennessee, originally around the Knoxville area but I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

Richard: So, how did you get started in the business of acting and filmmaking?

Lily: Actually, I was very, very lucky because one of my friends hosted a visual radio show and he asked me to come on board and be kind of the co-host and I was on with that project for two or three years or so and we would interview directors, actors, bands, music video videographers. So, that kind of got my name into their field and I became familiar with them and so I consider that to be a very lucky break for me.

Richard: Tell us more about your film on Facebook “Broken” and your character.

Lily: So, “Broken” was a short film that I had done. I played the main character in it and I also wrote a little bit of the script for it. It is a domestic violence- awareness film that we are turning into kind of an episodic series, but it goes over situational stories where individuals or couples might be in domestic abuse situations. So, we wanted to put that out there and bring awareness to it.

Richard: Do you have any upcoming projects in your filmography?

Lily: I do. I’m currently working on, starting September 4th, I’m doing a feature-length film in Dallas and then I have another episode of the domestic violence short films getting ready in the next couple months or so, but I usually have several projects lined up.

Instagram: @the.norse.lily



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