Raquel Aurilia Interview

Richard Schertzer
2 min readOct 22, 2023

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with singer-songwriter Raquel Aurilia who has opened for B.B. King, John Waite, Pat Benatar and Kenny Loggins.

She got started at around more than 20 years ago and met a producer in Los Angeles and he produced for Weird Al Yankovic and James Brown. The two met through mutual friends and when Raquel sang some songs for him, he asked if they could do an album together.

Raquel has said that she listens to the old-school work like Elton John, Billy Joel while listening to more contemporary music that also shaped her musicianship like Adele, Ciara and P!nk. She has a very diverse taste in music.

She would love to collaborate someday with P!nk, calling the possibility “a dream come true”. She would also think about working with Blake Shelton and/or Carrie Underwood.

The biggest challenge for her was knowing where and how to start. Luckily, she met someone in the industry already. She warned other artists to be very careful because there are so many people making false promises and what not to naive artists that get taken advantage of.

If she could change anything in the music industry, she would make it possible for more independent artists to get their music showcased and heard.

(See video for the rest of the interview.)



Richard Schertzer

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