Why I want Dakota Charms as my Domme Girlfriend

Richard Schertzer
3 min readOct 25, 2022


I know it’s a broken record. I talk about a beautiful sex worker and gush about how gorgeously rapturing she is and how I would love to do “naughty” things with her. Of course, every beauty that I talk about is unique in her own right and the woman of my many dreams, Dakota Charms, is no different.

In all of these articles that I write about beauty queens and Dommes, I never want to come across as cynical or hateful. I have always loved women with a pretty face, fat ass, and unmitigated confidence that she could get any man she wants.

I remember watching Dakota Charms work on Brat Princess and Xvideos and remembered how she had men in the palm of her hands and laughed while she did it. I could never shake the fact that Charms really lived up to her name. She was so fucking sexy in anything and everything that she did. She was the type of girl I knew I could take serious.

When I say take serious, I don’t mean I want her whipping, pegging, torturing and bullying me. I don’t like any of that. I just love it when she rubs her Goddess ass up against a chastity slave, makes him lick her feet and, most likely, goes shopping with his credit card immediately afterwards. There is nothing more sexy than a woman with that passion, energy and positivity.

I always fantasize that she and I are making out on the beach standing up while her chastity slave is kissing her bare ass and she laughs in delight, knowing that she has all of the power. Moreover, there would be nothing sexier than walking in the park with my girl Dakota while she has a male slave on a leash.

Hell, even rubbing oil on her ass just to watch her shake it in front of me is a dream by itself. There’s nothing I like more than what Terry Crews likes in the 2004 film “White Chicks”. ‘A white girl with a black girl’s ass’.

Just her smile and a dainty wave would be enough for me to be encapsulated by her essence. The batting of her glowing eyes with a kiss blown in my direction might make me want to fuck her silly while she screams out, “FUCK THIS GODDESS PUSSY, BABY” or “FUCK ME, DADDY”.

My only dream is that I may be in one of her videos making out with her while she tortures and humiliates her slave(s) and then when she’s done, we go to the movies.

To take this a step further, most men will write a comment on a girl like her twitter or instagram, but most will not take the time to devote an entire article on why they want to be her boyfriend.

I remember emailing Dakota back in 2020 if she wanted to be interviewed by me for my BDSM documentary. She declined, but she seemed so nice and polite when could have just told me to “Fuck Off!” It seems small but I really do appreciate that shit.

I guess you could say that this was me shooting my shot. If my language was crude, that’s just how I talk when I’m passionate about the women that I am sincerely attracted to.

So, Dakota, if you’re ever on the east coast, I hope I made a positive impression with you.

— xoxo



Richard Schertzer

Richard is a Howard University grad student and is working as a content writer and filmmaker with the dream to make films in Hollywood.