Why ‘Peter and Wendy’ may be the most unwelcome live-action Disney remake

Richard Schertzer
2 min readApr 15, 2023

Not too long ago, the latest trailer for Disney live-action remake entitled Peter and Wendy dropped and I cannot speak for anyone else but my reaction to the trailer was a simple yawn and a disinterested tilt of the head.

The story is set to follow the 1953 movie Peter Pan and will see Wendy and her brothers John and Michael be whisked away by Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up to Neverland, a place where one never ages.

The children are eventually greeted by Captain Hook who has a score to settle with Pan after the child cut off his hand and threw it to the dreaded crocodile.

Here’s why the film is very unwelcome

Been there and done all that

It’s painfully obvious that the old Peter Pan gag is starting to run dry. We have already seen the 1953 Disney animated film, the 2002 sequel, the 2003 live-action film and the 2015 prequel, the last of which was lambasted by critics. That’s not even mentioning the NBC live performance with Christopher Walken as Hook.

I feel like the swamp of Peter Pan has been drained nearly dry that it seems impossible to get audiences interested in another iteration and seems even more impossible to think that the filmmakers will do anything new with this live-action adaptation, especially when people have other options to choose from.

The trailer’s already too woke

I’m sure there have been people complaining about the fact that the Lost Boys will also have a few Lost Girls in the film. In the trailer, Wendy Darling notices that all the Lost Boys are not boys and the girls respond, “So?!!!”

I heard that and got instantly annoyed by the dialogue. It was as if the filmmakers were trying to force these woke ideologies down our throat. It just makes me wonder whether J.M. Barrie would approve. He probably wouldn’t because he wrote them as boys and not girls.

That’s all I have to say about this, for now.



Richard Schertzer

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